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hi i'm a newbie and stressing slightly lol - could be long...sorry

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wishuponastar3 Sun 29-Jul-07 10:41:48

Hi all,
I'm new to this site so i apologise if i do any of this wrong!

I am a mother of two boys, eldest 4 and youngest 3 and expecting number 3 in february, when my partner found out about the baby he was really great but he started to get a temper when i was tired and hit me.. I kicked him out as he became very aggresive and i was getting scared of what he might do. I had been with him for just over a year and i had never seen this side of him before.

Now when my husband left me my boys were young but they were already here and he helped me out quite alot at first so i didn't find it all that challenging. This time though i am trying to juggle pregnancy, housework,working from home and two hyperactive toddlers with very little support from anyone. To top it off ex is begging me to take him back saying that he has changed but this is only because he is sleeping on peoples sofas and not working. I definately don't want to take him back as he has hit me quite badly the once and me and my boys don't deserve that. My ex husband has been ok, having his boys overnight to help me out but i am beginning to wonder how i am going to manage with all three on the go!

Does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom to offer me?

thanks x

allgonebellyup Sun 29-Jul-07 10:44:17

are there 2 exes in this story? i am confused..

nutcracker Sun 29-Jul-07 10:45:35

Hiya, welcome to MN

Good for you for getting rid of your abusive partner, ti take alot of guts to do that.

Basically you just will cope. It may not always seem like it, but eventually you figure out a routine for yourself and your kids and you learn to prioritise what needs to be done, and what you can afford to leave until later.

I have 3 and they ave very little contact with their dad at all, an hour once a fortnight maybe. I do find it hard at times, but on the plus side, it's our life, if we want to sit in our pj's all day then thats up to us and there is no one to say anything about it.

Oh and for the times when you struggle, then MN will be here, and everyone on here is great at pulling you through bad times.

Saturn74 Sun 29-Jul-07 10:46:39

Hello, welcome to MN.
Do you have any extended family?
Perhaps your exH could help out more with your two older children?
What is going to happen re access to your third child for your exP?

tortoise Sun 29-Jul-07 10:50:20

Hi and welcome to MN.
I am a single mum of 4.
My DS's see their dad regularly. DD's only have once 3hrs a fortnight supervised contact with their dad so i don't really get any time on my own.
We cope fine and are a close family. I also don't have parents nearby so no help from anyone!

I am sure you will cope fine. MN is here if you need help and most of all don't take your violent ex back.

wishuponastar3 Sun 29-Jul-07 10:52:12

allgone yes my ex husband is father of my boys and then i have just got rid of my partner.

thanks everyone for the welcome, it feels a bit beter getting it off my chest tbh.

with the new baby and my ex i have no idea what i am going to do for access as i want more for my child than what he is at the moment, i guess i will sort that more when the time comes and see what his behaviour is like then. really if i could get away with it i would never have anything else to do with him again but don't think it is right?

thanks again!

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