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Maintenance and sick pay

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supermommyof4 Sat 04-May-19 01:10:10

Asking for my brother. I am really worried about him, up until 17th march he was working 50plus hrs per week.
He is off sick atm due to being hit by a car..he has a broken wrist and can not work so is getting ssp.
He is getting little to no help from universal credit, he has a 2 bed social housing flat which he has made lovely for himself and his little boy who is 6 ( his bedroom is beautifully decorated). My brother loves spending time with his son and makes sure he has everything he needs plus lots of love whilst with him.
He has been on the phone today, he has been paid only 320 for the month, out of that he has had to pay 262 rent. Needs to pay 142 maintenance plus food, gas, elec, council tax etc
He is so proud, im really worried, if he doesnt have enough to live on and he starts stressing again, last time he got stressed he made himself ill.
I should point out he also has a learning disability and has Microcephaly.
Is there any way that CMS can reassess how much maintenance he has to pay. He clearly has not got the money to pay that much, he said he has to be off sick for 12 weeks before they will look at it again, that sounds wrong to me, how is he supposed to eat?

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eve34 Sat 04-May-19 10:13:40

Yes. He needs to give them a call. If there is a change in income by 25% either way it can reassessed.

Is he getting any disability benefits ( this is ring fenced for Cms purposes). To maximise his income.

Also if he is on sick benefit/uc he should be assessed to pay £7 a week.

So long as he resets it once he is back in work I am sure his sons mother will understand.

supermommyof4 Sat 04-May-19 12:25:52

@eve34 you would think so but she will not, its all about the money with her.
She isnt a very nice person tbh. She constantly tries to cut my brother out of decisions regarding his son.
I have had to approach her about his son coming to my wedding in june.
Plus he probably has his son more than she does, but its not overnight. He has him near enough everyday and feeds him etc, so if he has no money how is he going to do that? My mom has done a shop for him but he is proud and doesnt like hand outs.
No we have tried applying for Pip for him but because he can dress himself, cook etc he doesnt get anything.
Do you think i could ring CMS and get some advice, cause he may be getting confused by whats been said to him.

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eve34 Sat 04-May-19 18:06:56

It is worth you giving them a call. Maybe better if he is with you so that he can give his permission to share information with you.

But if he is in sick they should only take £7 a week. I do feel for your brother. But I'm on the other side my ex is out of work now and I'm sadly dependent on his support to get by. Bit not horrible to him because of it. hopefully short term. But be good if he kept ex in the loop with rough idea of time frame. He can only do what he can do. And it is good he has your support

I hope he is soon on the mend. Might be worth going over pip form with cab. Or other charity. Happy to discuss it with you if that is helpful. I do them for work.

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