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Father who doesn't pay

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mumtoateenger75 Thu 29-Mar-18 19:57:37

Need to rant
I have 2 children and my ex quit his highly paid job when child support chased him for maintenance
He now lies and says he earn £7 pr week so I get nothing but I know he is earning lots
I don't know how a parent can just not support their children

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PrettyLittIeThing Thu 29-Mar-18 23:22:32

Same here ex doesn't and work or claim benefits but he rents his place out to get money so Cms can't do anything meaning I don't recieve a penny for our kids. This has been going on 7 years!!

mumtoateenger75 Fri 30-Mar-18 15:44:12

It's ridiculous
Cams are crap and let's face he is winning earning good money and I'm struggling

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PrettyLittIeThing Fri 30-Mar-18 18:12:15

I agree with you about the winning. I think my ex must be sitting there laughing his head off that he gets away with it.

When you say "you know", do you have solid information about how he is earning his money? If so, go here:

CMS generally use HMRC data, so that is a good place to go if he is failing to declare income to avoid maintenance - it probably means he is evading tax as well.

Jordan4531 Sat 14-Apr-18 20:38:50

My ex claims benefit but has that much debt stuck to his claim I'd get about £2 a month. He pays nothing and hasn't for 6 years. Let then crack on the kids will realise when they grow up

mumtoateenger75 Sun 15-Apr-18 13:07:44

Yes have looked at form and I don't know his national insurance number etc

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