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Ex won't give baby back

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bellerina17 Mon 11-Dec-17 15:56:14

So I have a friend who had a baby a approx 3 months ago. Her and her partner split up and he went back to an ex girlfriend, he still sees the baby and my friend has no problems with that but the other day she dropped her off and went back later to pick her up and (her ex lives with his parents still) the parents answered the door and said she's not having her back and they're going to court to get custody, she has contacted social services who can't do anything because the baby is not in any danger, and the police can't do anything either because it's not a crime as he's on the birth certificate, just wanting some advice, is there not anything that can be done in a situation like this? She has a meeting with a solicitor but I can't stand the thought of her not having her baby all over Christmasfsad AIBU to think there is more to the story? I would have thought more could be done?

DancingLedge Mon 11-Dec-17 16:13:27

I suggest you ask for this thread to be moved to 'legal' , where some wise, experienced and lovely family solicitors hang out.
Best wishes to your poor friend.

Robyrollover Mon 11-Dec-17 16:15:03

She needs to get in front of a judge asap

DancingLedge Mon 11-Dec-17 16:15:05

Click on the dots, report post to MNHQ and ask them to move thread. Sorry if I'm telling you stuff you already know.

steppemum Mon 11-Dec-17 16:17:44

I am not legal and guessing here, but I wonder if they can ask for an emergency court hearing as the baby is so small, and it is not normal that father gets custody over the mother with a tiny baby
(OK, a father might argue why not, but that is the way it is) and it is not in the baby's best interest to leave mum.

Reallytired17 Mon 11-Dec-17 16:18:22

Probably not more to the story sad

It’s actually more common than people think, although usually it is the mother who refuses to adhere to contact arrangements and the father doesn’t push it. The police won’t help. I don’t know what the answer is, actually.

cakeymccakington Mon 11-Dec-17 16:19:04

Unfortunately there is little she can do until it's heard in court.
She needs to speak to a lawyer asap and get the wheels in motion.

This happened to a friend of mine last year and it took months to get her little boy back :-(

ThisLittleKitty Mon 11-Dec-17 19:27:03

This happened my sister and it took 2 weeks to get her son back. And then that's only cos her ex agreed in the end. And no police won't get involved.

Tinselistacky Mon 11-Dec-17 19:30:24

The police should at least agree to do a check on the baby.. Ring them.

cakeymccakington Mon 11-Dec-17 20:33:20

Why would the police do a check? Unless the ex has a history of anyth8ng with the police that would indicate that the baby might not be safe the police cannot do anything.

Tinselistacky Mon 11-Dec-17 20:40:54

My ds 23 had a bat shit gf who's mate kept ringing the police to report concern for her - police came here regularly to do a check on her @24 so assume a baby is worth a check too.

cakeymccakington Mon 11-Dec-17 23:11:14

Not unless they have reason to believe that it is in danger. Which they don't

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