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My partners ex was asking my daughter questions

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Louw12345 Sun 22-Oct-17 20:29:32

My partners ex rang to speak to their kids and they passed the phone over to my girls.

She asked what they had been up etc.
One of my girls said she stayed at her aunties on friday and we had a party last night at home.
His ex asked my daughter If she went to play with her cousins at her aunties and she didn't answer.
She then asked if her auntie has children, my daughter said no its just my auntie and uncle.
His ex then said ok did the kids (theirs) come over on Saturday then

At this point I asked my daughter to say she has to go so she said bye.

I was alittle taken back by the questions she was asking or maybe I'm thinking to much into it.

Whambarsarentasfizzyastheywere Sun 22-Oct-17 20:34:39

Sounds like she was just making conversation to me.

HelloSquirrels Sun 22-Oct-17 20:36:53

I would find it weird they were speaking at all. Seems like shes trying to get info out of her.. do you have a good relationship with the ex?

Louw12345 Sun 22-Oct-17 20:39:30

I thought that to but something didn't sit right with me. My daughter was trying to talk about the party but she just kept asking questions about her auntie.

I don't know may be it's coz I wouldn't ask such questions

Louw12345 Sun 22-Oct-17 20:46:25

We are civil I have no issue with her. She lies alot about my partner. Says he's nasty and vile to her. But iv seen the messages she's sent him. She always has something to say about me and my kids.

HelloSquirrels Sun 22-Oct-17 20:51:14

I would just not let her talk to your kids. There is no reason to!

Louw12345 Sun 22-Oct-17 21:08:48

I know I thought that when I heard the kids on the phone to her.

I think it's so she feels part of something their kids are part of if you understand. When she rings my partner passes the phine to the kids. When he rings them she tries to talk to him but not about the kids she asks him about us work etc like she wants to know everything that gos on in his life.
If she didn't blow hot and cold, it wouldn't bother me but if she's in a mood she takes it out on him through the kids

HelloSquirrels Sun 22-Oct-17 21:24:12

Yeah if you thought she was just a nice person who was interested because they care, but you know she's not.

I would just ignore her as far as possible.

Louw12345 Sun 22-Oct-17 21:35:10

Yeah I will do that. I will try and talk to my girls and just say their mum is ringing to speak to them so just shout hi and that's it.

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