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Single parent and stressed

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Whatonearth77 Tue 18-Apr-17 06:52:30

I have two amazing children and unfortunately two absent fathers. I don't have any family so have no support and just wondered how other people do it emotionally. I work, have my own house and my life revolves around my children. Just feel like everyone around me has so much help from their other halves and mountains of family and I just feel a bit envious. Also how do you meet anyone these days that doesn't want to send you a photo of their d* immediately after asking how you are???!!! smile

Starlight2345 Wed 19-Apr-17 19:46:22

I only have one child but similar situation.. I am a childminder. So work before and after school on a couple of days so I get about 9 hours a week to myself. Cubs has been my saviour it gives me the odd break..Not often but enough to recharge.

I have found it has got in some ways easier as he got older..How old are your children?

No advice on the dating.. not met anyone as no time to socailise.

tickertyboo Wed 19-Apr-17 21:35:53

My son doesn't see his father either. It's always the two of us doing everything together. I just accept that this is how it is for the time being.

I try to read or have some project on the go to put what energy I have left into. I look at it this way; I have learnt far more about myself since raising my child completely on my own. You have to be on your own to do that.

In all honesty, would letting someone into your life and the children's make you any happier?

SuperSheepdog Sun 23-Apr-17 21:35:06

I can empathise. My dc dad sees them each Saturday but they are age 5 and 2 and I find life exhausting and depressing. It isn't the life I wanted and I feel bad for the dc that I'm not happier.

I don't get family help either and know very few other single parents. I think some small hobbies like reading or watching biz sets can help. Sorry to be depressing

dailymailarecunts Sun 23-Apr-17 21:44:09

Ds sees his dad once a month, but at my house (don't ask!) I get a few hours break then. He's been here this weekend and I cried when he left, not for any other reason than it's all on my shoulders again now. I'm tired and strung out!

Oh, and I've been single since I was pregnant and ex left (ds now 5) as the dick picks thing puts me off and I have no energy to be a person other than mum / work at the moment.

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