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My best friend has a controlling boyfriend

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Louw12345 Tue 17-Jan-17 11:54:18

Not sure if this is in the right place.
She got with him while he was going out with her cuz, he's been back and forth for 6 months. He's got her to change her hair colour, get pericing on her flower, tongue and nipple, lip fillers and dress more like a lady. My friend has always dressed nice she likes her trainers but who doesn't. She said she feels uncomfortable in the knee high boots and dresses he picked for her but wears them coz she's never had anyone be bothered about her appearance before.
She wore her hair up once to come to mine (he didn't want to) (found out a week late coz he went back to his ex for afew hours) and he said she didn't look nice with it up. But she looks better with her hair up coz she has a beautiful face which is normally hidden.
There's alot of other things that worry me. His violent past not just once with one girlfriend but with all 3 or 4 of his relationships. (Know this coz soical services are now involved as he's high risk and isn't to be around her kids)
Anyway what I really wanted to ask opinions on is her sons dad passed away b4 he was born and she has a tat too on her wrist. The knew boyf made a comment like how can we have a future with that on you. her son draws on his hand his name and his dad's name.
She said she was getting it covered up and I said really why and what will you say to your son. She said it needs to go and I will say hes dead.
I'm in total shock her son is 6 too young to understand it hasn't ever been a problem till now.
I just think she will regret it coz it isn't her choice it was his again. How do I help her find herself again.

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