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Struggling with LB. So demanding!

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midnightswirls Tue 10-Jan-17 07:22:34

Before I write this I'd just like to say I love my LB to pieces. When he's good we have so much fun and he makes me smile.
However he is so demanding! Not that I'm complaining that he's an active baby but I am so tired physically and mentally! Being a single parent is so tough. I look forward to my 2 nights a week break when he's at his dads just so I can get some decent sleep! He won't let me leave him on his own, he screams and cries. If I leave him for a bit he gets himself in such a state. I actually cannot do anything other than his 30 naps. He has allergies which is also demanding and stresses me out. I just feel really down atm. I'm really struggling! What does not help either is me telling people I'm struggling and then they look at him and are like "oh I don't believe it" or "he's fine, he's smiling"
Does anyone else feel the same?

midnightswirls Tue 10-Jan-17 11:07:25

Just me then sad

TurtleIsland Wed 11-Jan-17 12:14:51

Hi Midnightswirls, what you're going through is totally normal but so, so tough.
It is good you get a break from your ex, however in small babies a change in routine can upset them more and make it harder to settle.
Have you tried joining your local Gingerbread group for support?
Are you aware that you qualify for tax credits when you use an Ofsted child minder or nursery, even if you're still on maternity leave? How old is your little one?
I scared myself with some thoughts I was having when my son was smaller and it makes you feel rubbish and unsupported. It will get better, but try to get some help.
Also Family Support via your local childrens centre is a good place to start and talk about how you feel x

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