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Empty nest

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Lostandfounddad Fri 30-Sep-16 22:48:16

My youngest started school in September and, after his settling in period, this has been his first week full time. He's doing brilliantly, but me less so!

I'm just finding myself really down and lacking motivation during the day, when they're at school.

I went part time after my marriage breakup to have the smalls 50/50. They've been my priority for the past 4 years. I guess now they are both in school it's just made me realise, away from the smalls and work, how empty my life is.

I've struggled since my wife left me, financial difficulties and depression. I don't have family local for support, my mum was going to move down to us but she died suddenly Boxing Day. I don't have any friends in the town I live, I stayed here because it was a perfect family town for the smalls to grow up in.

For my friends at work I maintain a facade, I don't think anyone knows what I truly feel. I feel so very lonely and I just seem to lack the knowledge, motivation, energy or will to do something about it.

foundmykey Tue 11-Oct-16 10:10:25

I really hope that you feel better soon. Hopefully someone with helpful advice will respond soon. I'm sorry that I can't offer any. flowers for you

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