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Exes GF family telling my son what to eat, wear, think

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Kangaroo123 Fri 18-Mar-16 11:25:11

My Ex and I have been separated for 12 years, he has a long term GF who is 19 years younger. We have a son aged 13. GF doesn't like my Exes family, friends or me but she is from a wealthy and close family.

I am getting a few indications from my son that they are being quite overbearing with him and I don't like it. GF buys him clothes she likes but he doesn't and he wears them as he's very polite, she shoves her views down his throat and he comes back quite confused about beliefs, last time she showed him a video of farms that was very distressing and said he should think about being a vegan (although she isn't even a vegetarian!). Her sister who is single, in her 30s has become his 'pal' and messages him on social media asking questions about what he does and signing off with a lot of kisses.

Unfortunately his Dad has cut me off - he was being very critical of me and still is, so I can't talk to him. In fact now I'm getting more uncomfortable, the more I think his GF encourages negativity towards me.

What do I do? I'm thinking of talking to my son directly, saying I think the level of influence isn't healthy, asking him to just keep a little distance. Also thinking of taking his GFs sister off his social media. But he thinks they are all great, even though he is feeling pulled and pushed in directions he doesn't fully understand. his Dad works and leaves them in charge quite a bit. Really at a loss.

pinkyredrose Sat 19-Mar-16 09:38:15

So he goes to see his Dad but spends alot/most of his time with them? Do they have DC or is he just with them? Sounds quite stressful for your son, I would def take the sister off his social media, I think k it's really inappropriate of her to message him like that,

Kangaroo123 Sat 19-Mar-16 12:28:10

No DCs just him at his dad's, his GF and her sister don't have kids. I feel really weird about the GFs sister always asking him what he's up to on social media. If she were a man and he a 13 girl it would be more clearly wrong. But even if it's innocent it's like she wants him as her mate, he's 13!

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