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Why say it if you're not going to do it? Grrr

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Sosickofthisshit Mon 04-Jan-16 20:00:16

Ex and his mum. Before the six weeks ended they said "do not worry about coat and shoes. We are going to get them" i asked if they were sure and they most certainly were. I pick him up from school in his old shoes and old coat.
A little bit confused, and wondered about it but left it and bought them myself.
The shoes i bought him werent returned home and were replaced with a different new pair. A bit confused again, but not a problem.

They have done it again. Said they would buy him new shoes and a new coat for going back today. Ive picked him up in his old shoes and coat again. So i have bought them myself.
It is not a problem for me to buy just leaves the fricken question of "why???"

Im not listening no more. If my son ends up with two lots, then so be it. I just hope the things i buy dont vanish this time!

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