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Single mum going mad!!!!

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Bexpboro Mon 28-Dec-15 20:06:43

I have just exploded and now I can't stop crying!!! I'm a single mum, work part time and I hate my life!!
I don't go out, I don't have time for myself, I've put on weight, my clothes are disgusting and my daughter (5) talks to me like shit! I do everything for her, I sacrifice a lot so she doesn't go without. I'm just so sick of my life!! Her dad doesn't help financially, hasn't seen her for a year, I do everything! I don't get a break!! And I've just had enough!! I want to run away!! Just so I can have some peace!! Live homeless under a bridge or something just so I get some quiet time and don't have to deal with the crap that is my life!!
I love my daughter but I don't want this life right now!! Anyone else going through this or just me?

PositivePete Mon 28-Dec-15 20:11:00

You are by far not alone. I promise you. Stay calm.

Do you have any family/close friends that can taker DD off your hands for a bit.

I've often had these feelings. It's normal & it's hard, any person that says it's not hard is telling blatant lies or they are lucky.

Hang in there.

I'm single, have been from DTD. The father has zero contact. I'm about to head into the terrible 2's.

Let's do this hand in hand comrade!

SteadyHand Mon 28-Dec-15 20:14:15

I really feel for you. I'm a single parent to my 3 dc aged 10, 8 and 18 months. Like you, I work and they don't see their dad as he lives in another country. So all in all, it's completely exhausting!

I dream of having a lie in, or someone coming and offering to do DIY or tidy my garden etc. Dating isn't practical as I can't afford a regular babysitter, even if I found a date! So I fear I shall be alone at least until my dc are grown.

I try to make the best of everything, and work hard to make sure my dc gave a great life and don't miss out on experiences that their friends have, but sometimes I just want to sit down and relax rather than living life at 100 mph.

My 10 year old and I clash, so I empathise with how your feel towards your dd.

I so wish I could give you suggestions or solutions, but I haven't wirked them out yet!

Don't run away, it would be cold under a bridge, and thinking of your dd left at home alone would soon have you running back. She loves you most in the world, that's why she treats you badly sometimes, because she trusts you and knows you'll love her anyway. It's not right or easy, know.

Big hugs x

Bexpboro Mon 28-Dec-15 20:25:55

I've felt this coming for a few weeks, think with Christmas, all the financial stress, kids holidays, work etc I've just hit a wall!
I literally don't stop! I work until 2.30, pick up my daughter then she runs me ragged until bed time and even then I don't get any peace because she won't go to bed until I'm in I've been going to bed at 7.30 because I haven't got the energy to keep putting her back in bed! I watch telly in bed, hardly sleep then it all starts again. Is this it? Is this really how my life has ended up!!

Wow terrible 2's! I remember those days. It is so hard being a single parent!!

Bexpboro Mon 28-Dec-15 20:31:33

Wow! 3 of them 😳 I can barely deal with 1! It's so hard juggling everything. My house is a mess after Christmas and i went back to work today. My daughter just makes mess everywhere she goes, I feel like I'm constantly picking up after her or asking her to pick up after herself.....she just doesn't listen to me! She told me she wishes I would die, that I'm the worst mummy ever and she hates me tonight.....think that's why I've just popped

bluebrushes Mon 28-Dec-15 20:33:10

I am a single parent to an 11 yr old now,but I remember the terrible 2's. His father did have him at weekends though, so kudos to you for surviving the constant onslaught with no break AT ALL.No advice but it does get easier.You are not a terrible mother.I was lucky in that my son slept through the night,does yours?That was my time,lonely though it was I enjoyed the peace and me time.
I also used to wake early to do yoga,have coffee and just have silence before the onslaught.
The constant poverty really grinds a person down,though.Any chance you could chase him legally for maintenance,through the appropriate authorities ?
(I still explode from time to time-nothing to do with being a single parent,lots to do with being a parent!!)
The talking to you like shit has to stop,now-not acceptable.

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