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feelinghthelove Sun 24-May-15 19:24:12

Posted in a few topics for the traffic

Im bloody fuming!
DS 12 lives with dad, long story but his choice. Im not happy about it.
he has a social worker and a family support worker. Excluded from school and attends a pupil learning centre (when hes in!) He has a child in need plan.
Hes sent home regular for use of this bloody e-cig! I hate them, Ive told him he has NOT to bring them to my house.
Just found out - dads partner buys them for him!!! Not crappy ones either, these great big tank things at £25 a go.
Part of the plan states he must not be allowed to smoke them and we mustn't encourage it!

To say Im furious is an absolute understatement.

How do I approach this. No chance of discussing this with either the ex or her, they just aren't approachable - their way or no way kinda thing.

How would the SW & FSW view this?

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