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Kimmy72 Tue 18-Mar-14 16:07:42

Hi I am after some advice guidance. I live in the midlands with my preschool son. My relationship has been on the rocks (trust issues / deception on exs part ) and my partner and I decided to call it quits. I have no support network or friends here . We agreed verbally I would move with my son back to support of family friends in scotland. Contact although wont be easy has never been an issue. I have never denied ex any form of contact and made it clear I am willing to travel / extended periods inschool holidays when son reaches school age. We gave up nursery space at end of last term and organised some belongings to ne moved . We agreed we would move at the begi ning of April to enable son to start a fresh nursery after the holidays. Now reality has hit my ex and guided by his father he feels mediation must take place first. My con erns are although I have never and will never threaten loss of contact and made it clear I am willing to help facilitate contact that this process will now delay our fresh start. We are already in limbo as half our belongings belonging gone. No nursery etc. I do not feel delaying the move any further will benefit anyone least of all my son. I am terrified of breaking the law or having to face a court and feel controlled and somewhat threatned by this mediation process. I plan to keep the move to early april as per initial agreement but scared what ex could do.
Please note this is not a move to frustrate contact but a move to enable me to have the emotional support from family to allow me to build a new life from scratch.

cestlavielife Tue 18-Mar-14 16:18:31

mediation is a good thing.
set it all out and put something in writing.
good for both sides
moving in summer will be fine, new start in september for schools etc

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