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Feel very low and down

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RMPM Wed 15-May-13 23:06:15

The last few years of being a LP have finally caught up with me. I feel so low and down. I cry a lot. I have no family nearby. I am trying to hold down a stressful and demanding job. I am in debt. As money is an issue it's not worth going out because it turns out to be a very expensive night, paying for baby sitters etc.. Does it get easier or harder as my DS grows up? He is 4 at the moment.

Queenofknickers Wed 15-May-13 23:08:38

Didn't want to read and run - I'm not an LP but I do know what it's like to be depressed and lonely. Have you had a chat to GP or health visitor? Sending you a big hug thanks

RMPM Wed 15-May-13 23:18:47

Thanks QOK. Need a hugsad No not spoken to GP or health visitor. My closest friend was my point of call but she is so busy with work that I don't speak to her much. Feel worse this week because unexpectedly discovered my former husband was working in the same building. I haven't seen him for a few years. Managed not to see him on this occasion. He normally lives opposite end of the country which I can mentally cope with. It's brought lots of memories back together with tears

Lioninthesun Wed 15-May-13 23:24:48

OP so sorry to hear you are upset at the moment. I think it sounds as though you need a break (don't we all!) and was wondering if you have anyone who could have DS for a weekend while you do something for you? A break away or just lying in bed catching up on sleep or seeing old friends? I am a LP too and think it is massively important to keep yourself happy as much as possible as there is only one of you for him. Any way you can treat yourself soon? I know what you mean about ex too - last week mine surfaced again and it brings everything back. You just have to remember how strong you have been and can be and all of the great things you are doing for your son. I had a dream ex suddenly wanted to see DD again last night and woke up in a weird mood - it doesn't help when you are trying to be all things to all people.
Here for hugs or a chat if you need smile

Lioninthesun Wed 15-May-13 23:26:06

FWIW I imagine your friend could do with a pamper day too if her work is hectic. Any deals on lastminute? wink

RMPM Wed 15-May-13 23:45:32

Lioninthesun, thank you for your kind message, it meant alotsmile . I shall try and think of what my DS and I have achieved. I wish I could leave him with someone for a weekend but he will not stay with anyone, including my family. He is very clingy, bless because we have spent so much time together, it's all he knows. I Could try to leave him for the day with one of his friends. Thanks, lastminute sounds good for a cheap spa trip. My dear friend would also benefit. Sorry about your dream, it must have been upsetting/frightening. It's awful when they re surface, feel like I've gone back few steps. Thanks for your support

kittycat68 Thu 16-May-13 09:01:18

get your self out of the house and go out somewhere with your child if necessary , cinema zoo anything. travellodge often do £30 rooms can u have a night somewhere doesnt have to be far. change of scenery will take your mind off things!!

RMPM Thu 16-May-13 09:15:02

Thanks KC68. House has been neglected and is such a mess, any change of scenary is good. I take my son out weekends, usual theatre, swimming etc but haven't considered staying over night. Will look into it.. I need to tackle the house (leaks unattended, tidying up neglected) but just feel I'm barely surviving working and raising son.

kittycat68 Thu 16-May-13 09:23:22

forget the house it will be there when you get back!!!!

Book something and go!!!

You will feel loads better for it and feel reshed when you come back. I talk for experience here smile

Spero Thu 16-May-13 09:26:35

It does get better. It's difficult to see this when you feel low, but the wheel will turn and you will feel better. Proximity to the ex has stirred up stuff. I agree you need to get out and treat yourself if you can.

wellthatsdoneit Fri 17-May-13 13:29:38

It's tough when you're having a low period, but if you can think of things that make you feel good, do more of that. And do less of the stuff that makes you feel bad (within reason, we all have to take the bins out at some point!).

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