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whiskmeaway Thu 18-May-06 16:51:31

HE LEFT, he's been physically and verbally abusive in front of the children but because he's been a "good boy" for the last few visits his contact is extended! Whole pointless episode me keeping a log of everything when he just gets a pat on the back and given more contact!!

Totally p'd off with the whole thing!

Father's rights seem to far outweigh the best interests of the children (only exception them being physically at risk of harm!) What about the mental harm?

What about the mother's rights - my life is torn in two being made to let my very little children be taken away for hours on end - all the pain we have to go through and not one ounce of that seems to be taken into consideration? Basically feel like it's b"llocks to the mum and rewards for dad for being a complete and utter a'hole in the first place and only wanting to be a part time father - having the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.


ggglimpopo Thu 18-May-06 17:05:02

Message withdrawn

PinkKerPlink Thu 18-May-06 17:10:52

oh dear

is you split quite recent?

fattiemumma Thu 18-May-06 23:36:32

Whiskmeaway hun i am absolutly behind you. i am trying to fight XP for contact at the mo and i feel like the court system just see me as a bitter ex wife just trying to score points...not the survivor of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

it makes me so angry when i think back becasue i actually signed a petition for fathers rights a couple of years back because i was against women using children as pawns against their hubbies just to get revenge.
but now it seems that, as you say the rights of the fatehr are being regarded as more important than the welfar of teh children and teh safety of the mother.

as i say i have the final decision to come but i am not lokign forward to it.

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