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Single parent flat share

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Laurajanehunter Mon 20-Aug-12 10:05:12

Hi there, I'm looking to move to London with my little girl who is 4 as soon as I can, but am hoping I can fid a flat share with another single mum, I'm looking to live near Greenwich but any where around there is also okay with us.

Many thanks

Gunznroses Mon 20-Aug-12 12:38:04

Bump for you smile

NellyJob Mon 20-Aug-12 12:39:51

what a great idea, I would like to do that too,but mine are teenagers...

Laurajanehunter Mon 20-Aug-12 12:54:25

How old are yours? You can still do it with older ones can't u?

NellyJob Mon 20-Aug-12 12:58:13

well i honestly don't know if anybody would want to share with us, it's all smelly socks and

AnuvvaMuvva Tue 21-Aug-12 23:23:17

"Bump" means someone will add a post to your thread to keep it at the top of the list of active threads. It's a helpful gesture. smile

I'd love a single-parent flatshare, but I'm further out of London - I'm near Kingston, in Surrey. Too far? I have a lovely house and two boys, also lovely.

NellyJob Tue 21-Aug-12 23:48:32

anuvvamuvva are you looking for sharers then?

AnuvvaMuvva Tue 21-Aug-12 23:56:22

Hi Nelly -- yes, very possibly! But I have 3 bedrooms, so I don't know how to split them up. All the kids in the biggest bedroom, and me and the other single parent in the other two rooms..?

NellyJob Tue 21-Aug-12 23:59:05

hmmm...could work with old are your boys?
it's a good idea though, there are far too many isolated single parents and their children out there....

AnuvvaMuvva Wed 22-Aug-12 00:02:27

They're not tiny! 10 and 5.

NellyJob Wed 22-Aug-12 00:04:48

maybe you and OP could chat about it?
Kingston is near enough to London....
mine are horrible teenagers.grin

alleye Wed 07-Nov-12 22:53:46

Hello - I have a large double room on offer. It opens onto a internal garden atrium. There is a large paved garden out the back as well.
The room has cupboards a double bed, side tables and lamps. There is one large bathroom with bath and shower and a washer dryer. The kitchen and lounge-room is open plan opening onto the main garden area. The flat is extra large. I am a 38 year old journalist and my 3 year old lives with me 60% of the time. She attends full time nursery and the rotation with her dad sees her with me one weekend and him the other. She is super chilled and easy going, not messy and well behaved. She sleeps in my room and is in bed by 7,30pm and sleeps through. She's a cool kid not one of those annoying brats!.

I run my own agency and write for all the UK's newspapers and magazines. I am relaxed and easy going. I work hard, spend time with friends and my daughter and easy to get on with.

The rents £180 a week including bills. I plan on getting a cleaner once a week and that will be shared. There will be wifi naturally and virgin TV. The streets lovely and close to multiple tubes and buses. Its 5 minutes from Ravenscourt Park for exercise. There are local gyms, the streets wide and residential. The best thing is the flat ISN'T POKEY - its huge


Jennyzmg Thu 08-Nov-12 00:09:09

Hi Alleye,
I'm 34 Chinese single mum with 5month old boy. Your flat sounds prefect . Can you please email me :
So we can talk off from here?

Look forward hear from you.

peppielillyan Sat 23-May-15 18:28:46

I am 26 yr old, with a 2 yr old child, and I am experiencing a huge problem finding a room in a shared house because all replies i get are Sorry, we do not want tenants with children.
On the other hand I cant afford own accommodation bc too expensive, and i dont get benefits.
Please if someone has a spare room in North London ideally Turnpike lane/Wood green are, (or know someone who may have) and you are not discriminating against children, message me.
Looking to move by the end of next month
Thanks a looooot !!!!!!!!

ShareSouthEast Wed 24-Jun-15 22:25:42

Hello. We are an established houseshare in South East London looking for a new member. We currently have two rooms going (a big double and a single). The house has generous communal areas, two gardens, several toilets, utility room etc. Good, green, quiet location, within easy reach of bus, train and overground, shopping and good local schools. Please get in contact if this sounds like what you are looking for. We can send pictures and more info. Thanks!

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