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CSA ex has been made redundant what happens next

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sand12 Thu 29-Sep-11 12:08:57

I'm worried i'm going to lose my home i'm PWC with 2 kids ex has been made redundant after working for financial institute for 17 years haven't got a clue if anything I will get any CSA not sure what kind of contract he has CSA won't tell me anything!!

corlan Thu 29-Sep-11 12:45:03

Did your XP get a redundancy payoff? If so,would he be prepared to help pay the mortgage from that money until he gets another job?

Sorry - it must be a huge worry for you.

planetpotty Thu 29-Sep-11 12:56:59

I dont know for sure ...but.... I would guess that if ex is made redundant and has next to nothing moneywise then the ammount he will give you each week will be small....However if he gets a dirty great pay off then this could be seen as income to sustain himself whilst looking for more work and you may get something proportionate to what you were getting for CM before. Maybe post in legal asking the quetion?

Think Dads army...Dont panic! smile Dont get overwhelmed you are in this situation but get all the advice you can (CAB etc) before getting too worked up over it, sometimes things like this seem massive at first and then after getting a few more facts and doing some sums they seem brighter. Also not sure what the relationship with the ex is now but if its a good relationship dont ruin it over money he cant help being made redundant, and working together will be much easier all round.

Dont worry be happy smile lovely baby on its way, you will work all this out.

sand12 Thu 29-Sep-11 19:31:26

Hi my ex and me don't talk he was very abbussive 2 me I have a court order he isn't allowed on my property (or near me) when picking kids up etc he won't tell me anything and neither will CSA so i'm really concerned !!

LunarRose Thu 29-Sep-11 19:48:22

Ok honestly yes your position now is a bit uncomfortable and uncertain. I can sympathise because I am also going through this now.

You need to be on the phone to the CSA to find out what the redundancy package is. You may well be entitled to maintenance for a few more months, ie money in lieu of notice, but if it's a all round package there will be some they can't touch. Either way you will need to be politely persist wink to ensure they follow up and do actually obtain full details of the package either from the company or him direct.

Don't let them lose sight of the fact that they also need to be chasing him to find out his future plans.

Is he likely to be honest with them a to what he is doing in the future? I could go on but my experience is based on my shitty lovely ex

sand12 Thu 29-Sep-11 19:58:31

Thanks Lunar No he will lie through his teeth if he can He has worked for the same company a Bank!! for 17 years so hopefully it will cover me for the next couple of months! I worried I'm going to end up owing him as it will take at least 12 weeks to sort and he has to pay me for the next 3 months!

LunarRose Thu 29-Sep-11 20:21:38

If he's not earning, he doesn't pay and he tells them beforehand they won't do anything, you just won't get any money so you shouldn't end up in owing them

Push CSA to find out and inform you details off the redundacy package, when his last day of work will be and therefore when you will stop receiving money. Remind them they collect in arrears, i.e. Ex september pay makes up october maintenance.

For example if his last day of work was today, you can expect to receive a payment for next month. If he's then paid 3 month leiu of notice, maintenance will continue for the next 3 months after that.

However getting the CSA to do their job is labour intensive, I have been on the phone to them at least once a week since July. Make it clear he is a shit not a very nice person, as most of these CSA folks seem to automatically assume the NRP is a jolly good honest chap who is being got at be a vindictive witch. Note and get the name of every person you speak to. End the call be reviewing what they are going to do next, ask for a rough timeframe, call to check they've done it at the lower end of the timescale.

Remind them repeatedly that you ex has a legal obligation to tell them what he's doing next, also the company has a legal obligation to answer any queries they may send them (ie. what is ex's redundacy package)

Hopefully your ex won't be quite as clued up as mine as to how to hide who his new employers are (if he has them). My really big battle at the moment is to persuade them not to accept that he's living off partner/family etc. and probably does have a new job.

sand12 Thu 29-Sep-11 20:31:33

Hopefully he won't get away with living off his partner as his mortgage is over £400k He might go self employed next!

sand12 Thu 29-Sep-11 20:33:38

Thanks Lunar and i hope u are sucessful with the CSA

LunarRose Thu 29-Sep-11 20:48:11

I hope so too, at the moment the're being extra nice to me cos I had a major complaint upheld, bless them you can almost hear the sharp intake of breath of the poor agent who picks up the phone. But I've been faced with shocking rudeness and utter incompetence in the past. CSA are still floundering over what catching up with him in the long run...

If he does suggest he's living of partner in the long run, make you they know about the mortgage and tell ask them to investigate on the basis he's living beyond his means

LunarRose Thu 29-Sep-11 20:50:14

self employed is the bugger, hold onto the living beyond his means

sand12 Wed 12-Oct-11 14:00:37

Hi Lunar how are you doing with CSA?, my ex has paid me late this month and only paid £5 I have rang CSA they advised me to speak to CAB can't do anything until assessment is completed and he got approx £80k redundancy and I'm not entitled to anything otherthan £5.00 OMG how am I'm going to pay bills?

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