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back in the dating game so what do you think of this??

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confusedaboutmendotcom Mon 12-Sep-11 22:32:55

Hi all. Well i am back in the dating game at very long last lol. I have met a guy 3 weeks ago. we had been chatting for about a month before we met. I have met him 8 times he texts me about twenty times a day we have had sex twice.. He is really lovely and has bought me flowers wined and dined me but i am not sure. I am scared lol. I cant stop thinking about him and when i am going to see him again. I always wait for him to text me first but i am starting to obsess. Ha Ha. Now when i say obsess i mean i cant stop thinking about him waiting for his texts and calls. I am scared of getting hurt and he seems really keen on me and meeting the kids (obviously i wouldnt introduce him yet but he is keen) I am starting to worry though if i am able to cope with a relationship if this were to progress as I have been alone for a fair time and all my other relationships were with bastards. He seems really nice. i dont know i just feel like a man lol not litterally but as in wanting to pull away from this in a way as i am scared of being hurt again. Do I have issues??? What do you guys thnk of this??

niceguy2 Tue 13-Sep-11 09:35:40

Well first of all it's only been 3 weeks so steady on! There's nothing guaranteed to kill a relationship faster than a stalker bunny boiler!

Personally I'd consider 20 texts a day a bit obsessive but I guess if you are happy with that then fair play.

If you are happy and he's happy then go for it. You'd be crazy to pass up opportunities just in case you get hurt. If we did that, noone would ever have a relationship....EVER. But I do think you need to take a step back (figuratively) and stop putting the cart before the horse.

Just my two cents.

confusedaboutmendotcom Tue 13-Sep-11 20:08:03

Thanks niceguy. You see i am not the one stlking him lol. I never text him first. Merely reply then so on and he txts ne again. I defo dont want to be a bunny boiler and although i am hinking of him a lot he doesnt know this and i dont call him only vice versa.

I am scared of getting hurt and thats why i think he is pushing a bit too fast. i am wandring if he is rebound or something. To be honest i am questioning if i can cope with a relationship like i say have been seriously badly hurt in the past although i not told him his either. I have been quite cool with him and not bunny boilerish lol. As i know that would put off a man.

thanks for advice. It difficult when you got kids isnt it. i got to make sure he suitable as only want the best for my kids. They come first and he knows that. Ahh well we will see. I am trying not to think of him although it hard he just txt me

lubeybooby Tue 13-Sep-11 20:13:05

Relax, relax.... there's plenty of time and he seems keen. Get to know him well, have plenty of fun and nights/days out before you introduce kids. The last thing you want is a whirlwind that burns out quickly. There's no hurry here, just enjoy it and see how it pans out.

Make sure you keep up contact with friends and family to keep you grounded and in the real world, it's all to easy to be all obsessed and loved up and drop everyone. So make sure you don't do that and just enjoy things blossoming and take it steady

doinmummy Fri 14-Oct-11 00:53:28

This is how you're meant to feel at the start of a new relationship! all keen and excited, cant wait to hear from him or see him. Just take it slowly.

It might work out (and I hope it does) or it might's the name of the game.
Good luck xx

queenofthedancefloor Thu 20-Oct-11 22:44:46

Well just to thought i let you knowhow its going. We are still together. But i have another dilemma now because he has told me that he is falling in love with me which is nice. He is so nice to me. I am trying to keep my feet firmly on the ground though as it still early days so we will see. Still quite early to say he loves me though although i do have strong feelings for him.

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