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CSA - I'm not complaining, but...

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Error Sat 10-Sep-11 21:58:17

...I am a bit confused.

My son was born early May. His father left me the moment I told him about the pregnancy and told me not to contact him ever again. So I wasn't exactly expecting him to offer to pay any maintenance! And after reading so many negative stories about the CSA, I didn't excpect them to be of any help either, but figured that I have nothing to lose if I apply the maintenance through them anyway. So I sent the application early June and they called me a couple of weeks later (around 15-16th June) to tell me they've received the application etc and they also said it may well take several months before I'll receive any money.

However on the 22nd of August I received a random amount of money from the CSA. I say random, because it is a lot more than I would expect to get in 1 month but also less than I'd expect to get if it was backdated to the whichever date it was I made the claim. They still haven't sent me any letter/email, do they not normally do that?

Also, as this happened so "quickly" (compared to all the cases I've read about), is it safe to assume that my ex has paid this maintenance "voluntarily"? I used to work in the same company as he still does, so I was able to give them (CSA) all the details, but surely the CSA has to give him some time to pay up before they start taking the money straight from his wages?? (This is me holding on to the last glimpse of hope that my ex might not be entirely rotten..)

corlan Sat 10-Sep-11 23:03:29

I would definitely phone the CSA and ask them what's happening.

You should have received a letter setting out the schedule of payments that your XP will be asked to make. The CSA is not known for it's efficiency - In my own case I often had to phone them to find out what was happening and try and push things along. However, they were always very helpful when I did phone and would explain exactly what was happening to me.

(Let's hope your ex did grow a heart and pay voluntarily smile)

oliviasmama Sun 11-Sep-11 07:35:15

My experience of the CSA has been great. They were extremely informative with my claim and contacted me three or four times to update me. I had all the info you had, my claim took approximately 4 weeks to process. XP was in agreement that he should pay maintenance for our DD but he did question the amount, still it only took IMO a very short time.

I did however get a full schedule of payment dates and amounts in writing prior to any payments being made. I believe this to be normal practice with the CSA so I'd call them, no surprises then.

I have had good experiences all round with them so am a fan smile

Error Sun 11-Sep-11 13:22:10

Thanks for your replies! I guess I just assumed that my ex would do all he can to make sure I'll never get a penny from him. So I am positively surprised. Still not convinced he's grown a heart though.. hmm grin

fuzzywuzzy Sun 11-Sep-11 13:27:20

When there's a lot of money back dated, the CSA takes the money from the NRP a bit at a time.

So it might be that you have recieved the money backdated but not all of it yet, the rest will continue to be paid over a few months till all the money is paid to you then you'll get normal payments.

But ring the CSA & find out exactly what's happened.

RandomMess Sun 11-Sep-11 13:29:51

If an ex insists on paternity testing and they are proven to be the father then they have to pay for it. Hence he may have decided to cough up without a fight. If you are a salaried employee the CSA will eventually go for a deductions of earnings which makes you look made to your employer.

Def ring up and ask them what is happening though.

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