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Single mum wanting to go back to full time study.

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roseyposeysmum Tue 23-Aug-11 12:29:55

I was speaking to one of my friends who is doing a uni course, and she was saying there was a single mum on her course who got help etc towards fee's costs and childcare.

I have always said that i want to go back to working with animals once my dd goes to school and doing a uni course in animal behaviour would be perfect. I could then work for myself and arounnd my daughter.

Is this true does the goverment help single parents ?

monoid Tue 23-Aug-11 13:33:37


I graduated 2 years ago and I have never been as well off as when I was at uni. It depends on your financial situation and on your age (I think you have to have lived independently from your parents for at least 2 years for their financial situation to not be taken into consideration.)
My advice is to find the welfare department at the university you are considering going to, and ask them. No one else seems to know. I asked at the Jobcentre and the Citizens advice bureau, but the only place I got answers was at the university.
I wouldn't like to guess how it works now, what with the fees going up and stuff.
I hope you can work it out. Full time uni was the best thing I ever did (despite the fact that I am still working in a shop grin)
Good luck with it.

Katem81 Tue 23-Aug-11 23:42:37

2nd that...full time uni was the best thing I ever did.

did my degree, whilst being a single parent to a 3yr old. Got help through student loans co. they give, tution fee loans, student loans and means tested grants. They will pay for up to 75% of childcare costs. Or you can get this through tax credits if you intend to work part time as well. I did this, I worked nights in a call centre, I got paid and I then also qualified for working tax credits for doing a couple of hours work a night. You should also get child tax credits.

Def go back to university and do it before the tuition fees go UP UP UP

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