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Child maintenance

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missmogwi Thu 11-Aug-11 15:31:20

Hi, I'm new to the site so forgive any mistakes! I've been seperated from my ex since 2006. He paid maintenance for about a year then his new wife had a baby and he was made redundant so the payments stopped. He now works self employed from home but the CSA say as he earns less than £5 a week(yes that's right) he doesnt have to pay anything. this has been going on since 2007, he used to help out with uniforms and coats and give me some money now and again so that was fine. That has all stopped, he says he can't give anything. Now, I'm pretty easy going but he lives in a 3bed semi with a car, hols every year etc. How hes doing that on less than a fiver a week I dont know!! I work and I'm at uni and my girls dont go without but I just dont think its fair. Has anyone been in this situation, and can the CSA do anything as self employed. We have an amicable relationship but he's taking advantage of that I think. Sorry for the long tale!

gillybean2 Thu 11-Aug-11 15:46:07

Go back to the CSA and ask them to investigate as his lifestyle suggests that he lives on more than £5 a week.
Chances are he's paying his NW out of the business rather than himself or some such so you may be out of luck.
But they can make an assessment on his assets etc in some cases.

Also the law re claiming tax credits for self employed people is changing. You will have to earn at least minimum wage after a certain amount of time has passed in order to continue to claim tax credits while self employed. So he may suddenly start to earn some money from his business soon if he is claiming tax credits. Keep an eye on this and ask them to reassess him when the changes kick in (but bear in mind it may be over a year until he submits a tax return after that happens for the income to be seen)

alphabetti Fri 12-Aug-11 22:46:35

Unfortunately I ahve no real advice other than to try calling CSA again and give them as many details of your ex and hope that they can ensure that a fair amount is sent for your children. I totally understand how you feel and it is making me feel down at the moment as my ex only has to lose £20 a month from his jobseekers and I know that he is actually working cash in hand but not declaring it and it makes me so angry and upset that he can be so greedy to want a decent life for himself and not his children. I only work part time so don't have a huge income on which to support myself and 2 children so maintanence would make a huge difference so I do think it is unfair and greed driven on the part of a parent who refuses to pay for their child's welfare.

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