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contact when they're ill

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mrscolour Wed 06-Jul-11 19:12:10

Not had this situation arise yet. Dd is poorly this evening - high temperature, sore throat and just really washed out. She will probably not got to school tomorrow. The normal routine on a Thursday is that I go to work, kids go to childminder and then ex collects them from childminder at 4 to go back to his house for tea. Tomorrow dd will stay at home from with M&D (who I am currently living with) instead of going to childminders. Not quite sure what to do about the couple of hours she would normally go to her dad. I asked her earlier and she said she would still like to go so she probably will.

Just wondered what other people do in this situation and also if child is ever really ill (e.g. throwing up etc.) would you still send them to NRP or would you keep them at home?

GrownUpNow Wed 06-Jul-11 19:22:05

We've done all sorts.

Mild coughs and colds he'll continue as normal.

Contagious stuff he'll stay at home with me to try to avoid passing it on to his dad's other son. I don't work so it's easiest for me to continue care.

Serious stuff, like recovery from surgery or serious prolonged illness, his dad comes over and either stays overnight or helps out in the day time.

And when I am ill, his dad steps in and takes over full time care, as he has done since Friday last week while I dealt with a UTI and passing kidney stones. And I have done the same with him when he was recovering from an operation.

We just do what best suits the situation and our child.

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