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things just keep getting worse!

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itshappenedagain Tue 07-Jun-11 18:15:19

hello all! haven't posted on here for a while but thought i would come and have a little rant about my current situation from people in a similar circumstance who won't tell me that i've brought it all on myself and should have aborted my children.

oh yes you read that correctly...a friend is pregnant at the moment and polietly informed me today that no one will ever love my childrenas much as me and that if i ever do meet someone who is willing to take on both me and my children that he will be looking to have his own. tehn she imparted the ultimate insult statement that i should have had abortion with both of my children so that i wouldnt be in the mess i am in. i kid you not people! this is from someone who i have known for 11 years and am close to.

is this how i am perceived? that i am no longer a person just someones mother? i thought it was bad enough that i can be accused of husband stealing, simply because i am single, but this just took the piss.

my day is getting worse and the days keep on coming!

SuePurblybilt Tue 07-Jun-11 18:19:37

Well, she's not a friend really is she? I would ignore x 3 then have nothing more to do with her.

She's probably right, nobody will ever love your children as much as you - that's how parenting works. But step-parents can certainly love their step-children and vice versa. How horrible to suggest otherwise. If you do meet someone (ignore again the horrid implication that he would be 'taking you on') then he may want his own children. He may not. He may already have some. You've no way of knowing so not much point in obsessing about it now.

Do you have other RL friends who can cheer you up? This one sounds like a Grade A Cowbag.

blackeyedsusan Tue 07-Jun-11 22:05:11

oo nasty.. does she have a cast iron guarantee that she is not going to end up without her partner?

some friend she is. i hope that you have better friends around than that.

obviously the husband in question has no backbone and can easily swayed... who would want a stolen one? they might go wandeing off again...

Newbabynewmum Tue 07-Jun-11 22:13:59

She's a bitch.

I hope she never has to experience how difficult it is being a single parent.

Lovemelillady Thu 09-Jun-11 19:41:47

What a dog awful thing to say! My 'best' friend told me to abort my child, her reasoning, "it will ruin your life".

As for the single mum comment, I get that loads, just because I am a single mum I clearly want everybody else's man?!!

Get a grip ladies - He ain't all that click click OHHH nooo he isn't!!

SaggyHairyArse Fri 10-Jun-11 08:11:15

That is really bad. I would be telling that 'friend' that you will never be able to understand her opinion that you should have aborted your children and cannot be friends any longer.

I am not sure whether the single parent/husband snatcher thing is partly our paranoia and other womens insecurities. Obviously if you flirt like a bitch on heat at the school gate then other women are probably justified but I don't know anyone IRL that has time for that at school pick drop off/pick up anyway grin

I think us single parents have to ignore, ignore, ignore and get a thicker skin but be confident enough to say "actually, no, you are wrong" and that we aren't interested in discussing aborting children that already exist or run off into the sunset with your husband, who incidentally is bald and has middle aged spread...

Zanywany Fri 10-Jun-11 14:02:54

What an awful thing to say. My XP said to me when we split up that no one would want me because I have DC's and if anyone did they would have to be ALOT older than me. Well I proved him wrong as my DP does want me and thngs my DC's are as amazing as I think they are. Don't take what she says to be true because its a load of bo****ks.

gillybean2 Fri 10-Jun-11 19:24:03

Hi itshappenedagain

What is your current circumstances that are causing you to want to rant? You haven't really said what they are...

You did mention about a 'friend' (I use the word only as it was your choice of word) who made a comment that isn't worth dwelling on because it is utter rubbish....

...But you also alluded to having issues in your life right now that led this 'friend' to make her comment.

Is there something we can help you with?

bochead Sat 11-Jun-11 18:35:01

Is she projecting her own issues onto you? Is she pregnant with her first? Is she worried about her own relationship perhaps?

Being a good Mum is summat every woman should take pride in and that any DECENT man (or human being for that matter!) will respect. If she's effectively saying she'd put a man over her dependent kids it tells you A LOT about who and what she is as a person. Hug your kids close and be glad they don't have to suffer a Mum like her ; )

Damn right noone will ever love my kid as much as I do! He's amazing and I'll never think otherwise would be my response : )

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