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A Terrorist Attack onLondon Bridge

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Timmytoo Sat 03-Jun-17 23:01:21

Terrible news! Nowhere is safe anymore. You never know when a terrorist will attack.

NapQueen Sat 03-Jun-17 23:03:25 hasnt been confirmed as a terrorist attack yet.

Timmytoo Sat 03-Jun-17 23:06:30

It has been on the news sites.

Timmytoo Sat 03-Jun-17 23:08:22

And now an explosion in Italy!!

Akire Sat 03-Jun-17 23:09:23

Van and stabbing from first hand accounts on radio and some gun shots (but could be from police).

ThatWouldBeGreat Sat 03-Jun-17 23:11:44

It is just so sad that these things keep happening.

roarfeckingroar Sat 03-Jun-17 23:12:42

Of course it will be Islamic extremism. I can hear the sirens. Terrified.

Timmytoo Sat 03-Jun-17 23:13:47

Do you live near there Roar?

CaulkheadUpNorf Sat 03-Jun-17 23:15:09

Here's the thread about it

roarfeckingroar Sat 03-Jun-17 23:15:14


Timmytoo Sat 03-Jun-17 23:16:39

Oh I looked for a thread before starting one and I didn't see any or else I would've joined that one. Oh well 😔.

I hope all will be ok Roar.

Jaimx86 Sat 03-Jun-17 23:19:14

Timmy, Italy was a false alarm.

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