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Shitfuckoh Sun 14-Jun-20 09:24:18

I'm looking for advice on where to find worksheets for the children to do?

Previously I've been using a combination of White Rose Maths (until the worksheets needed a school subscription) and Twinkl - I was using the 3 months Premium Twinkl but this has now come to an end.

I've asked the school for advice and been told the teacher will include a download link to any work set that requires a worksheet but my 6 year old completes all the work set by his teacher in less than 1 day of home learning.

We've been doing baking, Science sets, crafts etc as 'practical' activities but it's more the Maths & written Worksheets I'm needing to sort now.

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm going blind searching online & now close on saying 'I'm just going to pay for the subscription!'

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CaptainMyCaptain Sun 14-Jun-20 09:28:09

If your child has done the work set by the teacher there's not a great deal of value doing more of the same. That's the trouble with worksheets - if you can't do the Maths (or whatever) you learn nothing by struggling on alone and if you find it easy it's pointless to just keep on and on doing the same thing.

LindaLovesCake Sun 14-Jun-20 09:36:03

Get books rather than use worksheets.

Shitfuckoh Sun 14-Jun-20 09:37:22

I know, which is why I've been doing the work set for him by his teacher & then doing other work with him, some of which he finds easy, some of which he finds challenging.

Literally the only Maths set by his teacher the week just gone was a recap on 'Number bonds'.
I did that work with him, but rather than number bonds to 20, we recapped on number bonds to 10. Did to 20 & then did to 50.
We also did Fractions, both in the form of worksheets & baking - cutting cake in to fractions as well as pizza.

He covered time towards the end of the week. By doing a 'make your own time puzzle', timed himself racing to see the difference in the times & then doing a couple of worksheets - on telling the time as well as a 'train timetable'.

I've been all set the last (almost) 3 months, using Twinkl etc alongside the home learning activities. Only now the free premium account is no longer premium and I'm just struggling to know what to do / where to look.

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Shitfuckoh Sun 14-Jun-20 09:38:56

Thank you! I've got some workbooks already but those are great.

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