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New to Sussex - anyonen the Worthin area?

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missk Sun 06-Apr-08 20:41:12

Hi everyone,

I've just joined up to mumsnet as I've recently moved from up north and would like to meet some new mummy friends!

I have a nine month old daughter called Daisy so if anyone has kids around her age and would like to meet up for a coffee or something I'd love to.

It was really sad to leave all my NCT mums behind so would really like to make some new pals.


missk Sun 06-Apr-08 20:42:00

Aah dreadful typo in my heading - I can spell honestly!! x

fiodyl Thu 10-Apr-08 09:17:40

hi missk welcome to sussex,how r u finding it compared to 'up north'?

sonni81 Fri 25-Apr-08 00:18:19

hiya missk how u doin so where u from up nrth

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