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classes/activities for 5 year old Bearwood

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momtoone Fri 11-Jan-08 10:04:14

Does anyone know of any local after school/weekend classesactivities for a 5 year old near Bearwood? I am interested in hearing about dance, sport, spanish, art & crafts and music. Would love to find a tumble tots equivalent but would be interested in any other subjects too. Thanks

pollywobbledoodle Fri 11-Jan-08 21:04:31

theres a local stagecoach for 3 hours on saturdays(drama dance and music) and there are dance schools in halesowen (would need to google for the numbers, i don't have them)

Bearwoodmum Mon 18-Feb-08 11:21:01

Hi I've seen a Spanish class advertised on Wed afternoons at Chad Vale School in Harborne and have been thinking about seeing if my 5 year old would give it a go after Easter.

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