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Exercise in Pregnancy

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FoodieMummy Fri 14-Dec-07 09:57:49

Anyone know any good antenatal yoga, pilates or other exercise classes in the area that don't cost a bomb?

e14mum Mon 17-Dec-07 10:57:25

No ideas, but would be interested to know as well!

Erie Thu 03-Jan-08 15:55:49

Hi all

Just stumbled accross this site and am keen to chat to new/expectant mums in the east end. I am due at the end of may and would like to hear of any good antenatal classes in tower hamlets. can anyone recommend any? I read an email about antenatal yoga near broadway market...anyone know anymore? just getting used to the site and think its fab so far.

Glammama Wed 09-Jan-08 18:13:43

I just found this thread too. I'm also in E1 and due in a few weeks. I just discovered this useful antenatal thread


e14mum Tue 15-Jan-08 11:02:28

Hi glam. Am planning on going to the physio-run course at RL that starts in Feb. Think it's Thursday mornings. See you there?

Erie, the NCT run courses in Tower Hamlets, and I know they've just changed teachers so it's been a bit disjointed recently but they're back booking them again now. I think they're held at the Canary Wharf Idea Store. If you fill in your details on the NCT website they will contact you.

Where are you? I'm in Limehouse and baby is due in March. HTH

Erie Tue 15-Jan-08 13:13:09

Hi e14mum, I am in Bethnal Green and due in May. I have registered on NCT website but nobody has got in touch yet. will chat to midwife on thursday and will check out useful thread (thanks glam.) where you having baby? Am visiting birthing centre on sat but not sure what to do.

e14mum Tue 15-Jan-08 15:00:40

Planning on going to birthing centre as long as all stays well(fingers crossed!). NCT didn't initially contact me until December... so I wouldn't worry. I bet they'll be in touch soon.

Erie Mon 21-Jan-08 15:48:44

NCT finally got in touch to say someone will be in touch!!birthing centre looks fab but am still nervous about the lack of doctors and limited pain relief.

e14mum Tue 22-Jan-08 13:26:42

Glad to hear Erie. Looks like they've started booking the courses again. We're going on one this weekend.
Birthing centres aren't for everyone- good on you for having a look though!
Sure we'll meet up at some point

Erie Wed 23-Jan-08 15:50:15

I'm sure we will. let me know how the course goes this wknd for you.

taralondon Mon 04-Feb-08 20:02:30

Check out the Children's Centres, my closest (overlands) is going to run a yoga course. the childrens centres operate from pregnancy - 5 years.

Also I loved swimming when I was pregnant.

mrsruffallo Fri 08-Feb-08 14:38:35

Hello TH mum's!!!!
There is bodywise on Roman Road that holds ante natal yoga classes and also another one on Bathnal Green rd ( will look for name) above the arcade looking place just past the bridge.

Did you know a new birthing centre has been opened at the Barkantine Centre in E14-Looks fantastic!

mrsruffallo Fri 08-Feb-08 14:39:27

Message withdrawn

fourlittlefeet Wed 10-Sep-08 15:00:30

Hello, was just coming in to say bodywise is good and swimming in the Lido in london fields is fab too.

Poonamdk32 Mon 05-Jul-10 11:48:50

Hi all,

I have just stumbled across Return to Glory- they may be of help- they come to your home if you are living anywhere in London or in the M25. Going to look at their site further and shall let you know! (

prunesmum Tue 08-Feb-11 18:54:27

I have just started Pregnancy yoga at Yoga Place, BG, on a saturday morning.

It's a good class, and Carmen who teaches on saturday makes it very enjoyable.

They also have classes during the week ay night, and during the day.

The ladies are between 38 weeks and 13 weeks, and are all really friendly.

There is also classes at Bodywise also at BG, but haven't been, so can't recommend them.

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