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anybody out there???

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LaraCroft Sun 21-Oct-07 18:38:22

Hi, new to this site and just wondering if anyone used it as it seems rather quiet. I live north of Cardiff (don't see a site to cover the area).
Look forward to chatting to you ALL! hmm lol

DirtyGertiefromnumber30 Mon 22-Oct-07 12:41:54

hi lara, ive been a member of mumsnet for a while, but rarely go on the 'local' page tbh.

Im in roath park and have 2 dc's. dd is 1 next month and ds is 4.

welcome to mumsnet by the way!

LaraCroft Mon 22-Oct-07 13:04:47

Hi Dirtygertiefromnumber30,
Thanks for the welcome.

I was beginning to wonder if anybody from Wales actually used this forum. I noticed the other areas (for Wales) did not get much use either.

I have a little boy who has just turned 1 and looking to chat and possibly meet other mums.
What is the best forum to go on to chat and meet other mums?

DirtyGertiefromnumber30 Mon 22-Oct-07 13:31:44

if youre staying with mumsnet i would just use 'active conversations' pick a thread that interests you and get stuck in.

You can also look at specific 'topics' (so if your lo is a bad sleeper like mine you could join in with the SLLEP IS FOR THE WEAK threads! There is also threads for lone parents, army wives, or you can just use the chat topics for everyday chat)

Mumsnet is the only parenting forum i use but there is Netmums aswell if you wanted to try a different forum. Mumsnet isnt alsways everyones cup of tea!

As for meetups, i think the welsh users have tried numerous times to arrange one but they dont seem to end up happening! Never say never though!
Are you working at the mo, where abouts in cardiff are you?

wotsits Mon 22-Oct-07 13:46:10

Hi Lara , I too tend to look at active convos (am more a lurker than a poster), and yes, there was an almost-not-quite-happened meet-up planned a few months ago. But there was a good turn-out for Mile for Maude last May. I'm near Caerphilly BTW.
Anyway, welcome and enjoy!

LaraCroft Mon 22-Oct-07 13:58:10

Hi Dirtygertiefromnumber30,
I don't actually live in Cardiff but north of Caerphilly. I thought there would be more people on the local sites, it is a pity the meet-ups never happened but as you say never say never!
No I don't work, I gave it up to be a SAHM which I find is just has hard (as working full time)if not harder. How about you?

LaraCroft Mon 22-Oct-07 14:02:59

Hi Wotsits,
thats the problem with me I am more a lurker than an actual poster. I need to get chatting though to other mums otherwise I will go mad grin
You say you live near Caerphilly so do I. I live north towards Blackwood, how about you?
What is mile for maude? blush

DirtyGertiefromnumber30 Mon 22-Oct-07 14:16:08

im a SAHM too but it's my 2nd time round. ds (4) is in school now and i found it really hard when he was younger. Most of my friends didnt have children or the ones that did worked or lived too far away.
This time around ive made much more effort to go to toddler groups / swimming lessons / arrange meet ups with other mums and have got into the flow of a SAHM lifestyle. The trick is to fill your days with as much as posssible!

Is this your 1st baby? Have you tried your local toddler groups etc? we should really try and sort out a welsh meet up though!!

LaraCroft Mon 22-Oct-07 16:34:08

Yes, this is my first baby. Have only just started to 'get out there' IYKWIM. We have joined a musical group and I have found out about a few M&T groups which I am planning on going to this week.
I will be honest I have not got into the flow of being a SAHM I suppose it will take time. sad

DirtyGertiefromnumber30 Mon 22-Oct-07 17:11:03

it does take time to adjust from your 'old life', you'll be ok though. good luck with the m&t groups. mumsnet is great though, wish i had known about it when i first had ds!

wotsits Mon 22-Oct-07 17:24:09

Lara, I'm in Machen. I'm still adjusting to being a SAHM, even though DD is almost 15 months old, with another on the way! Good luck with the M&T groups, it can be a little daunting at first but people are generally very nice.
MfM was a charity walk MNers did to raise funds for a SIDS charity after the young daughter of a mumsnetter died. Hundreds (thousands?) of MNetters took part, lots of money was raised, and a lot of generous and hard-working MNers spent a lot of time and effort getting things organised all around the country and abroad. I don't mean to sound 'corny' but I was very proud to be part of this forum.

LaraCroft Mon 22-Oct-07 18:26:42

Thank you both for your words of encouragement. I really need to just get stuck in, easier said than done hmm
I will have a look at the other threads and try to join in but I do find it hard to start up a conversation.
Hope to speak to you again.

jofeb04 Wed 24-Oct-07 22:05:26

I live just north of Blackwood if you want to meet up for a cuppa!

<<ANd I know I was meant to email you wotsits!>>

LaraCroft Thu 25-Oct-07 15:16:20

Hi Jo,
We have spoken before (via another website). I will pm you so you know who! wink

wotsits Thu 25-Oct-07 15:41:39

<< s'alright, Jo smile>>

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