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Sp88 Sun 15-Nov-20 19:31:32


I’m wondering if anyone can share some advice/insights as we’re looking to move to Kilmacolme....A little concerned about the surrounding areas, I understand Inverclyde has varied crime rates dependent on the areas. Does this affect the residents living in Kilmacolme in anyway? We’re moving as St Columba’s seems to be a decent school, if anyone knows anything to share about the school - that would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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Cresssandwich Sat 01-May-21 07:45:14

Kilmacolm is quite far removed from the rest of Inverclyde towns since it sits above the hill and is a relatively rural village. It’s sleepy and has barely any crime to speak of so no. Most people go to Port Glasgow for the shops, eg M&S food hall and there are some lovely walks and parks around Greenock. Some parts of Inverclyde have been victim to neglect and lack of investment for decades so they’re a bit run down but everyone is very friendly and not looking to steal your handbag

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