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Thinking of moving to Kemble

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sansastark1 Mon 02-Nov-20 18:12:23

Hi All! It's my first time using mumsnet so excuse my lack of using the correct formalities and abbreviations! We have been set on moving to Tetbury/Malmesbury/Cirencester and surrounding villages for a while now and have finally found 'the' house in Kemble. Currently we live in Surrey. We have a 3 year old girl and will hopefully be trying to a second within the next 18 months. I've really struggled to meet people and make friends where we live - a lot of mums here are very snooty, unfriendly and it's all very cliquey and it's part of the reason we want to move out.

Now that we have found the house and can move ahead it's making me very nervous and apprehensive that I'm going to struggle again or that my daughter won't make friends at school etc. I assume she'd go to Kemble Primary and I obviously know nothing about the area or if there are many children/families etc. I would love to know what people think and know or have friends there etc - just a little reassurance would be lovely or if we should wait for a house in one of the slightly bigger towns. Thank you so much!

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