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Schoolschooly Sun 09-Aug-20 08:53:15

Does anyone have any experience with this school in Hove? It looks absolutely incredible from its website and ofsted. But am interested in first hand experiences?

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reefedsail Sun 09-Aug-20 09:08:12

I don't have experience of that school, but do of another very purist Montessori all-through setting.

My warning would be to bear in mind that, just like any educational approach, Montessori doesn't suit every child.

For pre-school, I put my DS into a school that was similar to the one you are considering. I thought it was wonderful and was so happy and excited that he could go there. However, he was incredibly stressed out by it. I used to pick him up with his fingers bleeding form where he'd bitten himself through stress. He just couldn't cope with the requirement to organise himself for huge swathes of time. They started to call us in quite frequently to impress on us that he had behavioural difficulties. sad I was a bit sucked in by them and thought they must be right (because Montessori is great for all children?) and I was very worried for him.

However, we moved house and DS started Reception in a traditional prep school. He was, and always has been, 100% fine there. Happy, relaxed, no sign of ANY sort of behavioural issues whatsoever.

Montessori just wasn't right for him.

Schoolschooly Sun 09-Aug-20 10:16:23

That doesn’t sound like a good school, reedfedsail!

I love the Montessori way, but want somewhere child-centred, as no one approach is best for every single child. I was hoping this school might be Montessori, and also child-centred like that?!

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reefedsail Sun 09-Aug-20 11:21:54

I'm quite sure it is a good school- for the right child.

That is the case with any Independent school. It's only as good as the fit for your child.

At an event for new parents the Head of the Montessori said 'sometimes we just have to recommend that children go to [the traditional prep up the road] because they just need to be told what to do.' They weren't interested in teaching each child as they needed to be taught, just in teaching children for whom Montessori was a good fit.

When you buy an Independent education, you need to shop for the right fit for your child- not assume they will adjust to fit your child.

The Montessori might be prefect for your child- I'm just suggesting you look carefully through your individual child's eyes whilst making that decision.

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