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Who's for cake?

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Sosso Sun 05-Aug-07 20:10:14

Hello hello. I have just moved to Brighton - actually 2 months ago but it's going really quickly! - with husband and 15 months old (and another one on the way). I work part time and have thursdays and fridays off to play.

I have found some great places for cake etc but no one to have a good natter with whilst eating cake. Anyone interested in trying a coffee morning / pm kind of thing at St Anne's Wells Gardens on Fridays?

Look forward to hearing from other cake lovers.


SunnySmiles Wed 15-Aug-07 14:11:05

Hello Sophie - did you get any replies to your message above? I've just joined mumsnet. I don't actualy live near St Anne's Wells Gardens but I do look after a little boy near there and so am just getting to know the area. I have a daughter of almost 3 and the little boy I look after is 11 months. Not sure I'd be able to sit for a chat and enjoy cake for long with my active daughter around but I'd certainly be interested in meeting in the park at some point. Let me know if your meet up got off the ground and what time your next meet up is

Sosso Thu 16-Aug-07 13:15:23

Hi there Sunny Smiles- you're the first to reply for now (maybe it's the August draught?). Do you want to try and meet up next thursday the 23rd, say at 10?, at the cafe of St Anne's Wells Gardens. My name is Sophie and my daughter is Amelie. I will not be carrying a rose, but look for a 32 year old with a brown bob, and a blonde 15 months old with blue eyes. Hope to see you there!


SunnySmiles Thu 16-Aug-07 22:16:14

Hi Sophie - will definitely try and meet you next Thursday. I am working that day but not starting until 1030 and the little boy I look after normally has a nap from about 10 for an hour. So, I can't make 10 but could do 1130 or 4pm for an hour or so?Let me know if either of those would fit in with your schedule. Might need to be a shorter meet up to start with, whilst I get used to my new job and the tight sleep & feed schedules!
Oh and just for info, I'm a 36 year old with a brown bob. I'll definitely have the little boy with me - blonde hair and blue eyes and maybe my daughter too - brown hair & no doubt she'll be talking away - her favourite pastime

Sosso Fri 17-Aug-07 13:03:36

Hi Rachael

Exciting stuff - all these brown bobs, blue eyes and little people 4pm is best for me - will put it in diary. See you there and if there are other parents out there who fancy joining us, look for the bobs!


SunnySmiles Fri 17-Aug-07 15:41:21

Look forward to our brown bob and blue eyed meet up at 4pm on Thursday then!

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