May Half Term Drama Workshops Ages 6-16

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Creationtheatre Fri 10-May-19 12:20:14

Join the Creation Theatre Team for one of our Put on a Play in a Week Workshops, where this May Half Term our theme is "adventure".

6-8s | 27 - 31 May | d'Overbroeck's (Leckford Place) | £170

9-12s | 27 - 31 May | d'Overbroeck's (Leckfod Place) | £170

13-16s | 27 - 31 May | St Andrew's Church, Linton Road | £170

As with all our holiday workshops, the groups will be presented with three options of classic texts at the beginning of the week, and they will choose what they want to work on. Throughout the week we will get to grips with the text and rehearse, whilst playing a lot of games, and then on Friday friends and family are invited to come and see the final show.

For more information visit us at or give us a call on 01865 766266. We offer a 10% discount for sibling bookings.

Don’t miss out and book now; you can be sure that this May half term is going to be an awfully big adventure.

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