Restaurant recommendations

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Fizzforfun Sat 23-Mar-19 20:01:35

Looking for a "naice" restaurant to celebrate my DS graduation in July - can anyone help?

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Heratnumber7 Sat 23-Mar-19 20:06:17


Fizzforfun Sat 23-Mar-19 20:09:28

Oops! Thought I had posted on a local page, in Bath

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Heratnumber7 Sun 24-Mar-19 09:15:02

It just came up as "Local". Sorry can't help with Bath though.

Bellie99 Sun 24-Mar-19 09:19:51

Sotto sotto
La Perla

Fizzforfun Sun 24-Mar-19 14:31:41

Thank you Bellie99

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