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john249 Sat 19-Jan-19 06:34:01

We live in Kew and our daughter is at year 6 of state primary. We have applied to a number of private senior schools but (with only one possibiity left - other rejections) are now extremely worried about finding her a place. Christs Richmond is our first choice state school, but we are unsure about her chance of getting there (we are not so close and not religious). Any ideas much appreciated.

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Mary19 Wed 23-Jan-19 17:43:59

1st she will get allocated a place somewhere on national offer day. Even if it’s a place you don’t want it’s worth accepting it and the going on waiting list for anywhere you would accept. The Green school in Brentford often seems to have places via the waiting list.
Independent schools wise More Housein Knightsbridge often seems to be less oversubscribed Thames Christian School in Clapham Portland place is another. Maybe not to convenient.
Another option is to go for a prep school for 2 years. I believe Newton Prep has girls in year 7 and 8
My last suggestion is looking at international schools. There is Marymount in Kingston, A Spanish school in Ladbroke Grove and the German School in Ham

Mary19 Wed 23-Jan-19 18:03:00

Just thought of a couple more. I think Hill House and Thomas,s Prep also go up to 13 for Girls. I also believe Fulham Prep has opened a senior school up to 16

catinahammock Wed 23-Jan-19 19:36:40

John someone on another thread posted this handy link to the 2018 cut offs for distance-based offers on National Offer Day and also September 1st, so it gives an idea of how much waiting lists can move:

2019 is a bulge year though, so distances are likely to be less this year, and it may be why a lot of the private schools are looking full too.

Rather than wasting preferences on schools you're unlikely to get offered, it may be worth checking out the schools that are listed as "All preferences Met" and ranking them on your application in order of preference (it may not be too late to add schools). Otherwise you'll just get allocated whatever is left in no particular order.

I've heard sometimes Kew families don't get offers on March 1st, but most do eventually get offered something. I'd echo the advice about accepting whatever you're offered from the council because once you turn down a place they're not obliged to offer you anything else. Just make sure you're on the waiting list for other schools too.

Marv1nGay3 Wed 23-Jan-19 20:34:52

The Green School is in Isleworth not Brentford and is a faith school with strict religious entry criteria. It might be worth ringing Radnor House and St Catherine’s Twickenham to see if they can help you.

Mary19 Thu 24-Jan-19 15:29:44

I mentioned the Green School because I know several girls who have got waiting list places there from Twickenham, Whitton and Chiswick

clickazee Mon 28-Jan-19 08:37:54

Kensington Park school is a new school in Bayswater run by a former teacher/deputy head at St Pauls. The teaching staff are all from established London day schools according to the website. It has an assessment day in March for places in September so might be worth applying now.
Obviously it's new so that always means taking a chance, but a brief scan of the website is interesting. To be honest, not much happens in Year 7 so if you find it's not for you, you could spend the year applying for occasional places which come up at other schools.

john249 Sat 02-Feb-19 16:39:47

Many thanks for this advice, we are really grateful.

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MaFleur Sat 02-Feb-19 16:41:37

Kew girls often get into Waldegrave. Have you considered that (Area B)?

AbsintheAndChips Tue 19-Mar-19 13:21:48

I live near Kew and last year lots of Kew and Mortlake children in DD's school either did not get allocated a place on offers day or received offers from schools a long way away (eg Twickenham). However, waiting lists move a lot and all children had a place somewhere they were OK with by the end of the summer term. You will just need to hang on and remain on waiting lists. Christs, Waldegrave and RPA are probably your best bets from the state sector but you might also try Grey Court and Orleans Park just in case. You can go on as many waiting lists as you want to.

tigerellatomato Wed 27-Mar-19 22:29:50

John did your daughter get an offer in the end, we've just been offered a waiting list place rather unexpectedly (after all this time) so I wanted to let you know these lists are still on the move.

Acis Tue 09-Apr-19 23:22:06

Have you tried St Catherine's, Radnor House and Hampton Court House?

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