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Calling Mummies Camberley and Surrounding Areas***

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Samantha8 Wed 14-Nov-18 22:53:19

We work hard... we work, we cook, we clean, we wipe noses and tears, kiss booboos, chase away the monsters under the bed, we are permanent moms taxi driving from drs appointments and swimming and after school clubs and play dates and occasionally (but hopefully not) a mad rush to A&E...

We work tirelessly and for the most part we are happy to do so... they are our babies and we love them dearly!
I think we need some US time... remember those days before the nappies and sleepless nights... yeah me neither 😂 but I want to reintroduce some of that carefree fun back into our lives...
I would love to start a regular meet up for local moms where we could discuss and decide what we would like to do for the evening... Whether its a simple coffee and a natter, a ladies night out dancing the night away, a few drinks and playing a fun board game or even going bowling or watching that movie that you've been itching to see... The sky is the limit here...

If there are any mommies who would be interested in doing something like this, lets all chat and get something going... I think a little time to blow off some steam is well deserved ladies.

Take care, and I hope to hear from you all soon xx
Sam smile

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