Westgate outperformed kings?

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kwiksand Wed 24-Oct-18 11:25:18

Looking at the provisional 2018 results it seems Westgate outperformed kings. I was suprised because I have read numerous times that kings is more academic?

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tarheelbaby Fri 09-Nov-18 14:09:27

Yes. Although your general assessment of the schools' characters is the local opinion too, it is also well known that both schools achieve similar (very good) results. Kings does have a reputation for academic pressure vs. Westgate which is perceived as more relaxed.

The other secondary in Winchester is Henry Beaufort. It's a bit further down the list but still at +60% for 5 A* - C (in old money). Thornden, the no. 2 school, is only a few miles south of Winchester.

this may be where you were looking already but:

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