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Arbor Green Nursery

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BigPink Wed 03-Oct-18 10:19:40

Anyone at or just finished at Arbor Green nursery willing to chat? Really just looking for insight. It has gone down in the care commission ratings over the years but is still rated well at consistent fours. Is it just trading on its reputation now or is it still Nursery of the Year (2012)?

DianeJl Wed 10-Oct-18 12:59:55

My children currently attend arbor green nursery.

Nursery has went down in ratings but is still a very indemand setting with an extensive waiting list still.
Arbor green achieved the individual nursery award at NMT awards in 2017, and was finalists for indoor learning environment and staff training and development this year.

However, staff turnover is realistically high, we know of at least 4 staff members due to leave at the moment, and the baby room has a constant revolving door of staff feeding from the main playroom.
The main playroom is often loud and disorganised additionally, with many children upset at times, but seemingly there being no one comforting the children.
Owner is very rarely seen at the nursery, which is a shame.
There have been a few incidents we are aware of that have made us concerned with safety of children.
Overall not as good as it once was

Tilly33 Wed 24-Jul-19 18:05:30

Just want to reassure you that we have had a management restructure with the owner back in fulltime and the current manager was part of the team when we were achieving 6s. I am sure you will see the high standards that is our core back within no time :-)

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