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Looking for mummy friends

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Ansy38 Thu 20-Sep-18 14:44:52

Hi everyone

I have just moved to Swindon from Hertfordshire and looking to make some new friends in the area. I have moved here with my husband and 2 year old dd but don't know anyone here yet. I'm at stay at home mummy too so haven't got the option to meet people in the workplace.

Any suggestions of classes/ groups would be much appreciated smile

tr2408m Thu 25-Apr-19 11:38:28

I live in Calne, be happy to get to know you, i have a 2 year old boy

BelleMarianna Fri 27-Sep-19 14:18:51

Hello have also moved to wroughton and looking for mummy friends, i have a 6 month year old xx

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