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South Woodford, Woodford Green or Buckhurst Hill?

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wndrwoman Wed 11-Jul-18 12:02:33


What are your opinions on these areas as places to live and bring up a young family? I know the least about Buckhurst Hill.

We are looking to move as we hear there are good schools, green space, and friendly communities. We are a young couple, no kids yet but would like to have a small family in the near future. We work in the City but would love to be able to relax/coffee/brunch/park in our local area on the weekends and avoid travelling towards central.

We care quality of schools and being part of a community.

I would appreciate any advice you can about these particular areas/ and their personalities.

Thank you!

Sarah842 Tue 24-Jul-18 08:10:31

Hi Wndrwoman, have you decided on any of these areas yet? We are in the same situation as you are in. Looking at a house in South Wodford (Wynndale Road) but not sure if is reasoable part of South Woodford? A colleague of mine said it may not be the best part. We are so confused.

wndrwoman Tue 24-Jul-18 11:29:42

Sarah842 everyone on this thread had such helpful comments. We decided to continue looking in SW but also extend our search into Chingford + Highams park. I did look at wynndale road and drooled over some very beautiful Edwardian houses on that stretch. The problem for me is that I need easy access to SW station and I would have to take that bridge thing over from wynndale road. If you are not lazy (like me) and that doesn't bother you I think you'd be fine with Wynndale.

Sarah842 Tue 24-Jul-18 12:20:08

Thank you Wndrwoman.
Thats very helpful. We need easy access to the ststion too and I see which bridge you are referring to. That is the only thing we have been thinking about since looking at the property which we really love on this road. In the end have given us all sorts of reasons to convince that the walk will be ok :s

Tams1234 Thu 09-Aug-18 18:27:34

We live in Buckhurst Hill and really like it. There are good schools and nurseries and we love being right next to the first.

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