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Letchworth or Hitchin?

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Littledreamer13 Sun 24-Jun-18 08:51:43

We’re hoping to relocate from London to either Letchworth or Hitchin in the near future with our 2yo and 7week old and I’m looking to get opinions on these places to live. In particular, what day to day life is like? Best estates/areas for families to live? Schools? Nurseries? Which town is a better fit for family life? Anything you think might be useful really.

Hope you can help and thanks in advance.

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 24-Jun-18 08:54:14

Hitchin is a much nicer town. Letchworth is a bit soulless, although it does have some lovely houses.

Littledreamer13 Mon 25-Jun-18 10:21:47

Thanks for your reply, do you mean soulless because the town centre is much smaller than Hitchin? Are there any areas to avoid in either town? Thanks.

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