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Croydon vs Wimbledon primary schools

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PLSL Sat 23-Jun-18 10:43:05


we are currently thinking about DS school prospects and are considering to move to Wimbledon from Croydon.

DH would like to stay in Croydon, but we are wondering if there is a big difference in primary schools?

In Croydon, we are looking at Park Hill Junior (we are in the catchment area). In Wimbledon, we would like be looking a Wimbledon Chase.

I am not sure how to read the SATS outcomes for KS2, but from those it looks like that these schools are roughly the same in terms of academic performance?

I.e. 25% achieving the higher than expected standard at Park Hill at KS 2, but only 12% At Wimbledon Chase...

Am I interpreting these numbers correctly?

Any help would be fantastic...

Thank you

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