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Primary Schools in Bray, Maidenhead and surrounding area

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mrssgw Tue 22-May-18 22:14:01

Hi, we're relocating to Bray in a few weeks and need to find a suitable primary school for our DD. We're ideally looking for good or outstanding with great arts and drama and in more of a countryside setting as we're relocating from London and seeking that countryside/village feel.
Any help, advice and experience of the primary schools in the area would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks x

newtothis101 Tue 22-May-18 22:19:06

Hello! As far as I’m aware there are 3 primaries within bray catchment - Braywick court, Oldfield and Holyport. All the kids that I know who have gone there have enjoyed them. Braywick Court is a very new school but seems to be doing very well.

If you are looking at private, I couldn’t recommend Highfield more highly (excuse the pun!) - small girls school with great staff and pastoral care. Otherwise if you are looking for a more swish prep, I’d suggest St Piran’s.

Good luck with the move, it’s a fab place to live!

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