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Relocation to Worcester: advise needed please

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LauraNicole Fri 23-Mar-18 15:32:28

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for up to date and advice on where the good areas are around the university side of the river. I’m a lecturer at the St John’s campus so would not want to live too close to my students though! I have two children, both accepted into Chantry School. I am at the end of the process of buying a house in Lower Broadheath but the vendor is being very difficult and refusing to move out. I’m viewing houses in Callow End tomorrow. My budget is a modest £200k for three beds. I do not want to live in Dines Green.

Also any advice welcome on things to do in the area for my children.

My daughter is a keen competitor in ballroom and Latin dancing so does anyone know of any good dance schools?

Any other advice would be very welcome as we are moving from Wales.

Thanks in advance!

LauraNicole Fri 23-Mar-18 19:55:38

Bump x

CMOTDibbler Sat 24-Mar-18 11:01:15

I don't know that side of Worcester that well I'm afraid - pretty limited to going to Top Barn! I live out the other side of Worcester

But there is loads to do in the area - what sort of things do you like doing? We are fairly outdoorsy, so love going on the Malverns, cycling, things at the Three Counties showground, and running at parkrun.

Mrscog Sat 07-Apr-18 22:23:43

Anywhere west of the river is handy for the uni to be honest. You’re right Dines Green is a bit of an avoid. Lower Broadheath is v nice if you can hold out.

Callow End not so handy for Chantry - how would you get them there?

Hope search is going well!

DickVanTyke Sun 08-Apr-18 22:46:39

Hallow's nice but I don't think much will come up in your price range - worth keeping an eye out though.
I live in St Johns and am currently applying for non-academic jobs at the university!
Powick is quite nice, but agree with a PP, getting the kids to school from that area will be a bit of a pain.
How old are your children?

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