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Relocating to Callander, Stirling

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kdg13 Thu 15-Mar-18 14:18:24

Hi there,

We are thinking of relocating to Callander with our kids. I just wanted a wee bit of insight into what it's like to live there as a family. And would love to speak to anyone from the area who commutes to Edinburgh or is a young family living there.

Thanks in Advance

Lichtie Thu 15-Mar-18 14:47:34

Wow, that's quite a commute!
Callander is a nice wee place. I don't stay there, about half an hour east but I've been there for plenty of day trips.
Where you moving from?

kdg13 Thu 15-Mar-18 15:54:37

Hi! Thanks for replying! My husband only has to go in a couple of days a week so it's not too bad plus an hour on the train from Dunblane. We're currently in Edinburgh and have been for a long time. How do you like living in the area?

Lichtie Thu 15-Mar-18 19:24:53

We have only been here for 4 months. We moved from Glasgow. Its obviously much quieter and more sedate, but that's what we were looking for.
Obviously you get a lot more house for your money too which is great.

WaxOnFeckOff Thu 22-Mar-18 14:04:55

I'm not in Callander but like litchie I'm not far away. Spent a lot of time at the park and also used the cycle path out to Strathyre. Very touristy place, similar vibe to Peebles. Park floods from time to time but nice in summer and can get in the river at points. Road can get busy. No idea about primary school but High school is pretty decent and has a pool/climbing wall. There is a sailing club if that floats your boat... Nice hill walking etc too and I think they have their own scout troup maybe just up to Cub level though.

Parking for Dunblane train station can be very busy with cars parked everywhere and obv train takes longer into Edinburgh than Glasgow. Loads going on in Stirling and every sport/activity you could imagine is available. We moved here when DSs were toddlers and it's a great place to raise children imo.

Happy to give any further info on general location if you want?

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