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Move to Devon

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cabbagepatch27 Sun 18-Feb-18 08:54:52

Hi all!
I'm after some advice after reading threads on here and other sites, I'm now really confused!
I am looking to relocate to Devon. I'm currently in Surrey and find it too expensive! I am a Prep School teacher but would happily consider a good state primary. I originally thought of Brixham area but have been put off a bit by what I have read. It's just me and my dog and am looking for somewhere very close for good walks, sea air and a lovely community. Is anyone able to give some honest advice on where best to set down some roots please? I am open to all suggestions in Devon! Certainly dont mind rural locations either. I would initially rent somewhere and then buy with a max budget of 240,000. Thank you so much for your time in advance. Would be great you hear your opinions. Thank you, x

GandTforme Fri 16-Mar-18 17:01:13

Look at the north devon coast. Your budget isn't likely to stretch far on the south coast/ south hams or east devon. North devon has a more rugged coastline but some nice beaches still.

marmiteloversunite Wed 28-Mar-18 18:20:25

You might be better off looking at job opportunities first. A lot of Devon schools have teachers that stay in jobs for a long time so the turnover is not huge.

TIVI Wed 28-Mar-18 20:52:07

we moved to Tiverton from Worcestershire. I like living in Devon but the people are slow - is this the same as in Surrey ? You have to get used to people stopping in mid flow when walking , blocking doorways to chat, never using a rear view mirror when reversing and shop assistants having a chat with customers despite a queue. If you do not mind that then move to most parts of Devon. People are generally friendly . Most people where I live have moved to the area. I think house prices are not that cheap - have you considered St Austell in Cornwall? there is a great academy in Charlestown . Not sure about primary schools. Houses are cheaper and there are several bays around. Cornish very polite . If you prefer Devon then think about the outskirts of Plymouth if work is the main issue .

nikip70 Thu 26-Apr-18 14:48:57

This is really useful, we are looking to move to Tiverton from Cheltenham but I’m unsure I’m ready for quite such a slow pace of life!

GemmaB78 Thu 26-Apr-18 14:53:06

We lived in East Devon and loved it - I miss it every day. We rented so don't know about the house prices so you will need to do some research. East Devon has the benefit of being quieter than other parts, particularly during peak tourist periods. It's also relatively easy to get in and out - the M5 ends at Exeter, and train services are frequent and relatively quick.

GemmaB78 Thu 26-Apr-18 14:55:36

East Devon has some glorious walks either along the Jurassic coast or on the Pebblebed Commons.

Another thought: what about hoping over the border into West Dorset? I think it's a bit cheaper property wise and has some stunning scenery and coastline. Lyme Regis is cracking and Broadchurch was filmed at West Bay.

TIVI Thu 26-Apr-18 19:32:16

hi - not sure if East Devon is cheaper as Sidmouth is very expensive . Maybe you are right if you are further from the coastal areas.

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