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Just about to move to Cambourne BEFORE Christmas

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Sustygirl Fri 01-Dec-17 14:30:59


So my 11 year old very sporty son and I are taking the plunge, moving out of CB1 into Cambourne, seeking larger rooms, green spaces and closing to schools. Having lived all over the world from Vancouver to New York, never thought this is where I'd end up! [laugh]

Anyway, moving to Cambourne just before my birthday December 15th. Crazy packing insane time, but exciting.

I would love to know any other moms, especially international ones who have moved from London or abroad to settle in Cambourne, how do you find it?

I'm dreading not having any corner shops, trying not to think about how much time I'll be spending in my car, as opposed to just cycling down Mill Road ( actually won't miss that) - to town and to Espresso Library for a great -flat white.

I'm British and Canadian, a former Broadcaster now Environmental Scientist, putting on a big Eco Living Festival for Cambridge next year in partnership with the University and City Council. And want to get Cambourne involved too, so if you are susty and environmentally aware or just want to do something about creating a zero waste lifestyle, get it touch. As I said I would like to get Cambourne involved, I've just requested to join the FB page.

I would really love to meet some cool girl gals in the area for a brew or wine So if you find a moment to send me a hi or DM, I would really appreciate it. As my son and I know only 1 person in the town!

Thanks so much for reading! smile


EmmaGrundyForPM Sat 02-Dec-17 13:30:42

Hi Susty
I don't live in Cambourne but I live in a neighbouring village and have lots of friends who live in Cambourne.

Cambourne is great at welcoming newcomers, mostly I think because everyone there has been a newcomer at some point themselves. There's lots of eco-type activities and lots of sports activities for your ds. The Cambourne Information FB page is a great starting point. There's also a "Meet the Neighbours" project in Cambourne:

They organise lots of community events including a Boxing Day walk.

There is a cafe in the church which runs Mon-Fri, and a coffee shop, Greeens, which hosts events. I've been to some of those and they are really good fun and sociable. There's a link here:

I hope your move goes well. I'm sure you'll soon meet people.

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