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Rollercoasteryears Sat 11-Nov-17 22:58:31

Hello, we are looking to move to Harpenden, specifically because we did the rounds of the secondary open evenings this autumn and loved Roundwood Park. We viewed a lovely house in West Common today which we are seriously considering. According to the Herts county council website and School Guru, we would have safely got a place at Roundwood Park from that address for 6 out of the last 6 years. However I keep hearing (anecdotally and online) that you might not get a place at any Harpenden secondary from West Common. Is there any basis for this rumour, does anyone know????

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HalleLouja Sun 12-Nov-17 04:39:45

Would it be your closest school? If so you would be ok but think closest school is SJL hence why you would not get Roundwood or even SJL as you are too far. Also depends on year as 2019 is a bulge year and they are hoping to build a new school by then.

Rollercoasteryears Sun 12-Nov-17 19:16:55

Thank you. Yes it would officially be our closest school. It's actually for 2020, we are moving ahead of time!

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girltalk Mon 20-Nov-17 20:02:44

There has been issues around schools in Harpenden being seriously oversubscribed. I think the surrounding villages who come under the catchment area for Harpenden have struggled more than those living close to the schools in the town itself. There is also a new secondary school is in the pipeline with plans to open Sept 2018 kwschool.co.uk/ which should hopefully relieve the pressure on the existing 3 state schools. If you aren't looking for a place until 2020 this new school should have been up & running for a while.

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